Spanish for companies

Do you know that according to Forbes contributor June 18,2017. “...the U.S. Hispanic population is 59 million people; a strong demographic group, generating purchase power levels north of $1.5 trillion a year” ? “ 

Does your company have language barriers when interacting with Hispanic clients?

Our  Spanish courses:  

  • General Business. 
  • Customer Service: Retail Industry, Restaurants, Hotels, Banking.
  • Real States Agents and Property Managers.  
  • Human Resources
  • Any other your organization needs.

Spanish tutoring: for thouse employees who have an specific Spanish goal, need individualized attention, or have a time  frame to reach their Spanish goals. 

Our tutoring  classes and courses are designed to your organization's needs. We offer flexible schedule  and at the place of your convenience.

Improve your chances in a global business world, and connect your company to the Hispanic world.

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